How Brave Browser Makes Money for Users - Increased Privacy and Ad Blocking, too

By Victor Martins, FootballPredictions.NET, 23:03 15/12/2019

Updated at: 18:16 17/12/2020

How Brave Browser Makes Money for Users - Increased Privacy and Ad Blocking, too

You're probably here because you've heard about the Brave browser, and how you can earn money from it.  Read on to find out how this works and explain additional advantages of downloading and using Brave. 

How Brave Browser Makes Money

The Brave Browser blocks banner ads and gives you the choice to get paid to watch ads instead. Should you decide to do that, it pays you a proportion of the ad revenue, making it a fairer model.

Brave is built on the same platform as Google Chrome (Chromium), and you can import all of Chrome's same settings to get an equivalent experience. The big difference is that you decide to see optional adverts in the corner of your screen - and you earn money whenever you do.


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Brave Browser Pay to Surf

You will see a triangle icon in the corner of the browser screen and this is where you can check on the status of your Brave Rewards. When switched on, ads can be viewed. Watching these ads earns you crypto tokens which are, when exchanged, worth real money.

Each time you watch an ad, you earn revenue in the form of a cryptocurrency called BAT ('Basic Attention Tokens'), and these have a real world money equivalent value.

The ability to get paid for opting in to watch ads is rolling out to more and more countries all the time. Some countries will need to wait, but until then you can still get a faster and ad-blocked browsing experience stright away with Brave. 

Support FootballPredictions.NET

If you feel that you get a benefit from using our free predictions website and want to show your support, you can also do this using Brave Browser's BAT system. Running a website and all its content does come at a financial cost to us, so it really does help make it a great system if you do. If you do, we genuinely thank you!

How to withdraw your money?

You need to get a free Uphold online wallet account where you can to transfer your BAT tokens into a real world (real FIAT currency).

Brave Browser Privacy

As well as the above benefits, the privacy of using this browser is second to none and it's FAST. In fact, about three times faster than Chrome thanks to blocking out all of that bloatware from the adverts and tracking codes!  Watching YouTube with no adverts is just fantastic, too.

Once you've been using Brave Browser for a while and have become familiar with its benefits (as I have), it will feel strange to surf the web any other way.


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