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On this page, we keep track of the upcoming fixtures for Everton Viña del Mar and where they are scheduled to be shown live through one or multiple official rights-holders.
You can take in every minute of the action with this up-to-date guide to watching Everton Viña del Mar matches. As proper fans of the beautiful game, we totally get your need to be taking in all of the play in the most legit, safe manner. Naturally, you can rest easy when streaming all Everton Viña del Mar matches.
Live streams will appear here when matches are scheduled

Previous Games

2024-05-25 16:30:00
1 - 0
Everton Viña del Mar

🏟️ Team Focus:
Everton Viña del Mar

Formed: 1909
Stadium: The Estadio Sausalito (23,000)
Captain: Juan Cuevas
Chairman: Pedro Cedillo
Manager: Francisco Meneghini
Competitions: Campeonato Nacional position 8

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