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The website that was previously at this domain is no longer being maintained. Here are a few things that might be of interest:


This domain previously hosted many pages of English football statistics. These pages were generated using this Open Source Haskell program.
Football Statistics Applet
The precursor to Anorak, this Java applet was previously used by dozens, maybe hundreds, of websites to display football statistics. It may still be in use in some dusty corners of the web.
This domain also used to host aggregated football headlines from dozens of news sources. These headlines were automatically fetched and organised by this Java program.


If you came here because you were looking for football predictions, you might be interested in Super10 - a charity football game in which you pick 10 football clubs to score points for you throughout the season. There are monthly and overall cash prizes, a knockout cup competition and all proceeds go to Donations With A Difference, a registered charity that awards grants that improve people's lives.

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As you can see, this domain isn't being used for much right now. If you want it, get in touch and make an offer. You can reach me on Twitter or send an e-mail to dan at this domain.

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